IBM released the source code for SashXB, a scripting language that allows people with basic programming skills to create Linux applications by working with simple website-style code such as HTML and JavaScript. An artcle by Michelle Delio Linux App Writer Wows Skeptics, gives an insite.

Date Time Processing with PHP

DevShed have released an article Date/Time Processing with PHP. It shows some of the functions and formatting of date and time using PHP.

John Coggeshall at Zend, has released a new Code Gallery Spotlight, A Universal CGI Interface in PHP looks at getting content from other web site's CGI or PHP scripts regardless of the method (GET or POST) that it uses.

Using objects

Zend have released a new article by Michael Johnson, Using objects to create an application. It is the first in a series, which will show you how to use objects to create an application and teach important software engineering and design concepts.

User Authentication

DevShed have published an article, User Authentication With Apache And PHP By The Disenchanted Developer. It looks at how to authenticate users, maintain session information and handle login/logout operations, using both built-in Apache authentication and custom PHP code.


Like most people I get bored with the look of websites that I visit often. Even when the content changes fairly often the page layout leaves a lot to be desired. With CSS and a web programming language such as PHP It easy to give visitors a choice of how the site looks. If you have a recent browser and click on one of the styles at the bottom of the left menu you have a choice of how the site looks. Your choice is stored in a cookie so that when you return your preference will be displayed.

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