Brisbane Drupal Presentation

Tonight I am giving a presentation to the Brisbane Drupal user group on jQuery. I plan to cover some of the early tools I developed well before jQuery was around, such as the CSS Generator, which is about 7 years old now. Then look at adding AJAX functionality via jQuery to the Best Reply module. This has become a little more complex then I first envisaged due to some of the new features I am adding. You will have to come along to find out more.
If I have any time left I will have a quick run through of Bear SQL

Zoom Out

When developing the APSystems website the client wanted the banner image to zoom into focus when the page loads. Firstly I was thinking of doing it in Flash, my Flash skills are pretty rusty so I came up with a method of doing it via jQuery's animate effect.

The banner is actually two parts, the main image and an overlay logo and text that is fixed in place. The overlay image is a transparent png so I used the Drupal PNG fix Module to get transparency working in IE. The main image dimensions are larger then the area for the banner so the quality is still good when zooming.

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