Security floor

e-matters have released an advisory PHP remote vulnerabilities which describes a security floor in nearly all versions of php.
PHP have released a new version php 4.1.2 to counter the security issues.

misguided link

Thanks to Penny for informing me of the misguided link in the linksystem. The bug has been squashed and the fix is now available for download.

Database Abstraction

DevShed have an article by icarus called Database Abstraction With PHP. As the name suggests it looks at PHP's Database Abstraction Layer. Simply put it the database abstraction layer make it possible to write generic code that can be used to access different types of database without have to re-write the code.

Secure Programming

Security is something we have to be conscious of all the time. Zend have published a short article by Thomas Oertli called Secure Programming in PHP.
Thomas looks at common threats and challenges of programming secure PHP applications and shows practical methods to keep your code secure.

Dynamic PHP Thumbnail Gallery

Zend have released part 4 of the A Dynamic PHP Thumbnail Gallery by John Coggeshall. Learn why a simple function found in the PHP AutoGallery script can help your PHP code become more portable and re-useable in part four of this ongoing series.

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