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Zend have published a
new Tricks of the trade
Caching by Leon Atkinson. In it Leon discusses the theory of caching and how to implement caching in your PHP scripts.

Hard to stop

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Once I get started on a project, I like many others out there find it really hard to stop and do other things. I have been working on the PHP/MySQL Record Manager that was only released a few days back. There's still more to do and I think I will rename it as it does a lot more now then manage records. I will try and make it available before I go away camping for Christmas.

PHP 4.1.0

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PHP LogoPHP 4.1.0
was reciently released, it includes highly-improved performance, especially under Windows; a more security-friendly way of accepting form variables; output compression; and much, much more.
The windows binaries which come out a few day after the source code, are now available for PHP 4.1.0.

PHP:MySQL Record Manager

Version 1.0 of the PHP/MySQL Record Manager is available for download. Version 1 Deletes, Inserts and Modify's records from MySql tables. It's very easy to configure, you only need to know your host, username and password. I am finding it very useful for managing small tables. Later versions should have more features such as creating, altering and deleting tables. Let me know what you think of this version, any problems you have and where you would like changes etc.

AppCreator Tue, 12/11/2001 - 23:00
Manage MySQL database tables

There's a new Code Gallery Spotlight on Zend
A Dynamic PHP Thumbnail Gallery by John Coggeshall. It introduces the concepts behind creating a PHP script to re-format and display your images
as sharp-looking thumbnails.

I've been working on scripts to manage MySQL database tables. It Deletes, Modifies, and Inserts records into simple MySql tables. Great for people who aren't comfortable with or don't like SQL. The scripts will be available soon.

AppCreator Mon, 12/10/2001 - 23:00

Link system

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Once again I've updated the link system. This time I added an admin page which allows you to delete approve or edit links. It saves you from messing with sql to change the values of links.
I also added links to other sites on the download page.
One day I'll get round to writting more scripts, apps, articles ....