Merry Christmas

Submitted by AppCreator on Fri, 12/23/2005 - 23:00

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
The last few moths have been really busy for me. So unfortunately I have many unfinished items in my todo list. One that keeps poping up is the next version of the PHP MySQL Table Manager. It has been partly done for months, I just haven't had a chance to finish it off.

My new job at SpeakOut is going really well and I look forward to the next year working with such a talented team.

Merry Christmas.


Submitted by AppCreator on Sun, 08/07/2005 - 00:00

Looks like the guy that repackaged my script with a php-shell script has come to his senses and taken it down. The web is an amazing place to gather information about someone. I managed to find out his name, age, address, phone number and even his mothers name. Since he is only 14, and has taken the script off his site I have decided not to follow it up with a call to his mum.


Submitted by AppCreator on Fri, 07/15/2005 - 00:00

It has come to my attention that someone has made the PHP MySQL Table Manager available for download on another site.
This person has added a file which will give access to run commands and take control of your server.

The file added is called "creation.php", this file is not included in my version.
Please make sure you have downloaded the PHP MySQL Table Manager this site only.


Submitted by AppCreator on Wed, 06/15/2005 - 00:00

It's nearly 2 years since the last update of the PHP MySQL Table Manager. That's way too long, so I thought I would try and make some time to clean it up and add some new features. Some of you have already suggested improvements, and now would be the best time for anyone else to offer ideas, suggestions etc.
I am also thinking of developing something similar in Java, for those of you out there without PHP but that of course would be some time off.

Happy New Year

Submitted by AppCreator on Wed, 01/19/2005 - 23:00

Happy New Year, better late then never.

I have just added a User Preference Script to the site. To test it out change the values in the controls on the top right of this page.

More info can be found at the User Preference Script page.
Sorry the rest of the site and scripts have been neglected and look to be so for a little while yet. Although I did update the stats page.


Submitted by AppCreator on Mon, 10/18/2004 - 00:00

After a few days of hell formatting hard drives, installing different operating system (Win2K, XP, Mandrake) I am now happily settled on Fedora. My network and Internet connection are both up and cruising, I have Apache, PHP and MySQL configured. Open Office for all my word processing, spread sheeting and presentation needs.


Submitted by AppCreator on Thu, 10/07/2004 - 00:00

Over the years of running this site, one of the thing that I find amusing is the spammers attempting to add links to the Resources page. Most of them try one or two and realise that the links get validated and checked before being approved.