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Thanks for the great comments and emails I have received lately about the PHP : MySQL Table Manager. They have inspired me to make a few changes and release a new version, 2.5.

Volker suggested displaying table and database size in bytes and Lesley inspired me with code to improve the handling SET and ENUM when adding or editing records.

The page numbering system was also improved and code cleaned up in many places.

Transactions in MySQL

DevShed have recently published a couple of articles,
Building An Extensible Form Validator Class
which looks at building a PHP-based Form Validator object to validate HTML form input and Error Handling In PHP (part 1) shows you how PHP's error-handling functions can be used in real-world development.

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Thanks to Basje for pointing out the sniffer was incorrectly detecting the minor version of Netscape 6.1 or greater as 6.0. I've fixed the problem and version 1.2 is now available for download. If you find any similar errors let me know so I can fix them up. It's hard to test all the different combinations of operating systems and browsers.