Submitted by AppCreator on Fri, 03/01/2002 - 23:00

Like most people I get bored with the look of websites that I visit often. Even when the content changes fairly often the page layout leaves a lot to be desired. With CSS and a web programming language such as PHP It easy to give visitors a choice of how the site looks. If you have a recent browser and click on one of the styles at the bottom of the left menu you have a choice of how the site looks. Your choice is stored in a cookie so that when you return your preference will be displayed. The styles currently used are very simple, when I have time available I will look at further refinement.

Another of the things I have been looking at lately is favicons. Favicons are the small icons you see beside the bookmark and on the address bar when you bookmark a page with ie. They are small, usually 16 * 16 pixels, so its hard to get too creative. To find out more visit favicons.com