Submitted by AppCreator on Mon, 10/18/2004 - 00:00

After a few days of hell formatting hard drives, installing different operating system (Win2K, XP, Mandrake) I am now happily settled on Fedora. My network and Internet connection are both up and cruising, I have Apache, PHP and MySQL configured. Open Office for all my word processing, spread sheeting and presentation needs. Firefox the best browser, with my favourite extensions installed, Thunderbird for email, SciTE for text editing and a heap of other tools and applications to explore.

The only thing that I can currently see as a negative is the lack of IE for testing web design. The sooner everyone wakes up to how good Firefox is and drops the virus collecting buggy browser IE, the better.

If your looking for a change Fedora provides a very smooth system, easy to install, use and upgrade.