PHP MySQL Table Manager


Superseded: December 12th 2008

The PHP MySQL Table manager has been superseded by Bear SQL and will no longer be supported. Bear SQL is a much improved system and is freely available for download at Bear SQL Download

This page will be left in place as many sites still link here. It is highly recommended that you visit Bear SQL and use Bear SQL as a replacement to the MySQL Table Manager.

The PHP/MySQL Table Manager is designed to simplify administration of a MySql web database. With it you can easily:

  • Create or delete a database
  • Create, drop or rename tables
  • Alter table structure
  • Add or drop keys and indexes
  • Add, remove or change the properties of columns
  • Add, modify, search or delete table records
  • Manage users and privileges
  • Backup and restore databases
  • Save queries and results
  • Optimise tables


You require PHP4.1.0 or greater and a MySql database to use this system. This Table Manager was designed for MySql database. It is assumed that the correct database privileges are in place before use.

As the product is free the creators and download sites accept no responsibility for any problems that may occur from the use or download of this product. We hope you find this system useful and we welcome comments and suggestions.


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