Testing new features

Submitted by AppCreator on Mon, 04/16/2007 - 11:28

While testing the next version of Table Manager, which is badly in need of a new name, I once again have started adding new features. I have a simple test plan, basically a list of features or actions that need to be tested in different browser operating system combinations. Most of my testing at this stage has been while using the system to preform tasks for work etc. Occasionally while preforming a task I have an idea of a new feature which would simplify things, other times I come across features that are just plain missing. So my feature list of functionality to test gets longer and I have to start again at the top.

My latest additions have been MySQL user management related, things like adding users, changing passwords setting privileges etc. These are all handy features that I felt should be included so along with adding the functionality you need to check that the flow of menus and pages make sense.

Some of the features need to stand alone others work best when paired with something else and some need both. For example you can create a user as an isolated task but in reality a user without any privileges is a lonely user, so I am adding a button which will take you straight to grant privileges after a user is created.

Usually I develop on Linux then test on windows, this time things are around the other way. I am using my work laptop for the development (from home of course) and testing on my Linux system at home, hopefully I can get a work mac to test on once I have tied down the functionality. In most cases people will upload the system to a directory on there web server which will most likely be a Linux system of sorts with MySQL an PHP and Apache. So I need to throughly test that scenario. Testing on my local Linux box was going fine until I tried the backup functionality which works fine on Windows. At this stage I think it is just a path issue, more testing will tell.

So that's about where I am up to at the moment between work which has been getting really busy, family life and Aikido which is about to get back into full swing after a short break while Sensei visited Japan.