Browser support of CSS

Submitted by AppCreator on Sun, 03/14/2010 - 16:48

At CSS Creator I have added a list of CSS Properties, selectors and the browsers that support them. This is actually a rework of the original CSS properties list in a more useful format. Now you can see the earliest version of each popular web browser that supports the CSS property or Selector. It should be easier to use and maintain as in general once a browser supports a particular property then it will continue to do so.

Drupal's Dynamic layouts

Submitted by AppCreator on Thu, 06/26/2008 - 12:31

One of the many things taken for granted when working with Drupal is that ability to have dynamic layouts. Different layouts for different pages, based on the blocks assigned to regions for the page.

Variables are set during page construction that can tell you how many columns are required. Which in combination with the page.tpl.php and your stylesheet can provide any number of layouts.

CSS Creator

Submitted by AppCreator on Tue, 05/25/2004 - 00:00

The CSS Creator site has been keeping me busy. I have been adding content and developing a CSS Properties List with a little help from a couple of other CSS Forum members. It is still evolving, more content needs to be added and a few finishing touches. There are other things I need to do before I can get it finished. Still I'm happy with where it's at for now.

CSS Layout Generator

Submitted by AppCreator on Sun, 10/19/2003 - 00:00

At CSS Creator CSS Layout Generator has just been released. You can generate layouts with a flexible center column and fixed width left and/or right columns. All columns will be the same length, the layout can be centered on the page or full width and a header and footer can be easily added. The Layout is based on a three column CSS Layout designed by
Douglas Livingstone. Next time you are building a website check it out.

CSS Forum

Submitted by AppCreator on Thu, 03/13/2003 - 23:00

At CSS Creator I have just set up a CSS Forum with the hope of building a CSS community, which can get help and give advice on all things CSS related. Nearly all sites use CSS as it has many benefits for web developers. Along with the benefits of CSS, browsers with their differing support for various features can provide a headache or two. The CSS Forum should help bring web developers together to discuss solutions for CSS problems.


Like most people I get bored with the look of websites that I visit often. Even when the content changes fairly often the page layout leaves a lot to be desired. With CSS and a web programming language such as PHP It easy to give visitors a choice of how the site looks. If you have a recent browser and click on one of the styles at the bottom of the left menu you have a choice of how the site looks. Your choice is stored in a cookie so that when you return your preference will be displayed.

AppCreator Fri, 03/01/2002 - 23:00