Table Manager 3.04

Version 3.04 of The MySQL Table Manager has been released.
Fixes for this release include:

  • Display of page numbers for multi page display, an error introduced last version.
  • Clean up of debug alert statement in JavaScript
  • Field size input field for types such as INT was corrected for create and alter table.
  • Fixed the connection to external servers. This will only work if the permissions for the database you are trying to connect to allow connections from external hosts.
AppCreator Mon, 11/10/2008 - 11:18
MySQL Table Manager 3

Finally I have released version 3 of the MySQL Table Manager. The last version 2.8 was released in October 2003, that's nearly 5 years ago. I apologise for my lack of motivation in getting this one out, and hope you find the new version as useful as I do.

Many new features have been added such as user management, change privileges, backup functionality, ajax edit in place functionality to update fields, optimize tables, save queries, save results.

AppCreator Sun, 04/27/2008 - 19:48
Testing new features

While testing the next version of Table Manager, which is badly in need of a new name, I once again have started adding new features. I have a simple test plan, basically a list of features or actions that need to be tested in different browser operating system combinations. Most of my testing at this stage has been while using the system to preform tasks for work etc. Occasionally while preforming a task I have an idea of a new feature which would simplify things, other times I come across features that are just plain missing.

AppCreator Mon, 04/16/2007 - 11:28
PHP MySQL Table Manager

Superseded: December 12th 2008

The PHP MySQL Table manager has been superseded by Bear SQL and will no longer be supported. Bear SQL is a much improved system and is freely available for download at Bear SQL Download

AppCreator Sun, 03/04/2007 - 18:37
Transactions in MySQL

DevShed have recently published a couple of articles,
Building An Extensible Form Validator Class
which looks at building a PHP-based Form Validator object to validate HTML form input and Error Handling In PHP (part 1) shows you how PHP's error-handling functions can be used in real-world development.

AppCreator Fri, 03/28/2003 - 23:00
Database Abstraction

DevShed have an article by icarus called Database Abstraction With PHP. As the name suggests it looks at PHP's Database Abstraction Layer. Simply put it the database abstraction layer make it possible to write generic code that can be used to access different types of database without have to re-write the code.

AppCreator Wed, 02/13/2002 - 23:00
PHP:MySQL Table Manager

Finally it's available. The PHP:MySQL Table Manager has just been made available for download. I was hoping to make it available for Christmas then decided against it as I kept finding more features to add.

With it you can easily create, drop or rename tables. Alter tables structures by
adding or dropping keys and indexes. Adding, removing or changing the properties of columns. You can also can edit, add, search or delete table records.

AppCreator Fri, 12/28/2001 - 23:00
PHP:MySQL Record Manager

Version 1.0 of the PHP/MySQL Record Manager is available for download. Version 1 Deletes, Inserts and Modify's records from MySql tables. It's very easy to configure, you only need to know your host, username and password. I am finding it very useful for managing small tables. Later versions should have more features such as creating, altering and deleting tables. Let me know what you think of this version, any problems you have and where you would like changes etc.

AppCreator Tue, 12/11/2001 - 23:00
Manage MySQL database tables

There's a new Code Gallery Spotlight on Zend
A Dynamic PHP Thumbnail Gallery by John Coggeshall. It introduces the concepts behind creating a PHP script to re-format and display your images
as sharp-looking thumbnails.

I've been working on scripts to manage MySQL database tables. It Deletes, Modifies, and Inserts records into simple MySql tables. Great for people who aren't comfortable with or don't like SQL. The scripts will be available soon.

AppCreator Mon, 12/10/2001 - 23:00